Wednesday, 30 September 2015

My September Favourites

Hey lovelies! This is going to be a post all about my September Favourites - whether it's make up, perfume, tv shows or websites. All of favourite posts from now on will be a mixture of everything and anything.

* Disclaimer - All of these favourites have been done by me, none of the companies mentioned have paid me to add them in *


Inglot Beauty Blender // I have had this for so long but I've only started using it in the past few months and it literally has to be one of my favourite products that I have never bought! This has opened my eyes to the sponge world, I don't use a brush anymore. This just applies the foundation in an even and easy tone. I love it!


Instasize // This is the photo editing app that I've been using on my phone when I need to edit pictures and its the top app that I go for! It's free but there are things you need to pay for if you want to use it - the free version does me though! It is available on the Apple Store and Android.

Pinterest // I am in love with Pinterest and I've just started using it properly & I'm addicted. It's one of the best app's if you need inspiration or just want to get idea's for everything.

TV Shows

Deadliest Catch // This wouldn't be a norm for me but I'm so addicted to watching this - even though it's nerve wrecking most of the time but its amazing to see what the guys go through when they're out fishing for crabs. This season is just over so I hope that it'll come back twice as good as it was.

Pit Bulls and Parolees // This is a program that I've been watching for about two years now and I cannot get over how much they have done for all the abandoned Pit Bulls and Bull Breed of dog. They are one of a kind and it's literally changed my perception of the breed itself. You can watch this on Animal Planet.


San Andreas // This movie is one of a kind. The Rock literally stole the movie - I love him but this has to be the best movie that he's done. The whole movie is put together so well and the effects are amazing. It's just crazy to think what could happen if the San Andreas Fault would do that!

These are my favourites for September. Let me know in the comments below your favourites!

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