My Bucket List

  1. Move Stateside 
  2. Climb A Mountain in Ireland
  3. Do A Digital Marketing Course
  4. Trip To Anne Franks House
  5. Be An Extra In A Movie or TV Show
  6. Get 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube
  7. Win A Blogger or YouTube Award
  8. Achieve My Ideal Weight
  9. Visit Paris
  10. Spend A Weekend In New York
  11. Achieve 1,000,000 Page Views On Any Of My Blogs
  12. Go On A Safari
  13. Learn How To Drive
  14. Publish An E-Book
  15. Be In The Olympics For ShowJumping
  16. Ride A Camel
  17. Fly In A Hot Air Balloon
  18. Walk On Water
  19. Help Someone In Need
  20. Swim In The Sea
  21. Go Snorkeling
  22. Go Scuba Diving

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