Monday, 4 January 2016

Travel Tips & Tricks

Hey lovelies! I haven't done a Travel Post in so long, so I thought today would be a good day to do one because travelling has been on my mind a lot recently. This post is all about Travel Tips & Tricks for everyone.


Before you book a hotel or apartment, check out reviews on trusted websites like TripAdvisor and the website of the hotel/apartments. Just remember that most places will have negative reviews as it won't meet people's needs compared to other people.


This is an amazing website to find out the cheapest flights to literally anywhere. This is a website and app which is 100% reliable. If you are flying : this is the website to book your flights on.


Make sure you book the right flight. Direct flights go straight to the destination : normally more expensive. Non Direct Flights have one or more stopovers, depending on where you are going : normally are cheaper then direct flights.


If you are going to on a crowded flight : pick your seats and pay the little bit extra for it. When flying I love sitting by the window, so that I can see everything and it's where I feel comfortable. If you can't pick your seat : when you get on the plane make sure you're nowhere near kids or babies.


Make sure your luggage has some stand out features so you can find them easier when they come around the belt. You should add a different colour ribbon or even stickers should help.


Packing light will save you extra charges on baggage and much more. If you pack light you can fit more into the case coming home. You need to remember that the country you're going to most likely will have all the necessities that you need : so you can buy them over there!
When you are packing clothes : roll them instead of folding them as you'll be able to fit more in ( this tip will work for when your packing for anything )


No matter where you go, get travel insurance : it's very important. You have no clue what's going to happen while on holiday. You don't want to get robbed and be stuck without cash! There are many ways that you can void travel insurance : read the details over and over again.


Duty free is always an amazing part of travelling but remember everything in the duty free section isn't a good price : you'll probably will get a better deal in the country that you're going too.
Before you get onto your flight : get some food and drink in this section as the price of food on airplanes are really expensive, unless food and drink is included in your package.


No matter where you go, you should have an emergency cash fund somewhere. Cash can be used anywhere and everywhere. Make sure you stash it somewhere where the hotel cleaners can't find it though.

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  1. Such good tips definitely going to check Skyscanner out X