Saturday, 2 January 2016

New York?!

Hey lovelies! This is literally just a side post for whoever that is interested in going to New York in December 2017 for 9 days! This isn't an official blogger and youtuber trip but y'all can come!

This is literally just an idea but I do really want to go and what better time than at Christmas?! I've put out this post pretty early as anyone that wants to go to New York, needs to save up a lot so that's why it's out really early!

The Hotel that some of us have been looking at is the Hudson New York, Central Park which is 5 minutes away from Central Park which is pretty central in New York and has easy access to the subway. It's looking like its $1,500 for two people for 9 nights. The hotel itself has some good facilities and much more.

The Dates we are currently looking at are the 13th of December to the 23rd of December : so it's just before Christmas but dates can be changed to suit people if needed. 

Everyone will be in charge of their own bookings, flights etc as I'm not taking responsibility again. If you are interested please email me : or tweet me at @thatsobee!

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