Tuesday, 22 December 2015

2016 Bucket List || #Blogmas Day 22

Hey lovelies! I cannot believe that we're already onto day 22 of #Blogmas which means it's only 3 days left until Christmas : which is just crazy! This post is all about my 2016 Bucket List which won't be that big but I do hope to achieve everything that is on it!

Be Able To Walk 7km in 30 minutes
Take Dog Agility Course With Juno
Attend Summer In The City In London Excel
Finish A Business Course
Help Out A Charity In One Way or Another
Read At Least 1 Book
Speak Publicly 
Write A Story/Novel
Try Something That I Wouldn't Normally Do/Try
Bake A Rainbow Cake
Go To A Fetty Wap Concert
Help At An Animal Rescue Centre
Climb Howth Head
Save Up To 500Euro
Go On A Blogger Holiday

Let Me Know What's On Your 2016 Bucket List In The Comments Below

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  1. Were going on a blogger holiday one day! X

  2. It sounds like you have some awesome goals for next year. I hope you are able to cross everything off your list.

  3. Good luck on your 2016 goals, lovely!

    Holly | www.thekittyluxe.com

  4. great goals! Mine are: Fit in my wedding dress, recovery fully from my ankle op, save for a mortgage, take a trip alone x

  5. I love these goals, they actually sound achievable. I don't set goals for the new year as I always break them!
    Carol cassara

  6. Really love your 2016 bucket list. Particularly the rainbow cake! Love rainbow cake ;)

    I hope you reach all your goals this coming year!

  7. i haven't even thought about a bucket list - i don't know what i'd put on it!

  8. I would like to go on a blogger holiday, I think it would be a lovely way of getting to know each other. What book are you planning on reading?

  9. This list was awesome, thanks for sharing. My list seems so boring now, time for a revision!

  10. I have no idea how far 7km is, but it sounds far. Good luck!

  11. Sounds like a great list, except the public speaking one... I would never want to do that one, although that would be something definitely out of my comfort zone. :) Good luck and I hope you attain all of your goals on your bucket list!

  12. I haven't made a bucket list for this coming year. I just try to ride along the waves as best as I can, I guess.

  13. I need to start thinking about this too! 2016 is next year and I don't have a thing planned!

  14. What a great bucket list. So many of these are on mine as well. I need to buckle down and create a plan. - SARAH, Must Have Mom

  15. Your dog is such a cutie! Labs are such a great breed! Loved reading about Juno!

  16. Sounds like great goals and Good luck on your 2016 goals!!

  17. Such a great bucket list & I can see you are very well prepared already to face 2016. I would love to complete & Business Course as well & helping a charity is something which always makes me feel so better.