Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Top Tips For FaceBook

Hey lovelies! This post is mostly aimed at bloggers and small businesses that want to grow on FaceBook so I'm sorry if this post doesn't interest you. This post is all about the Top Tips For FaceBook which can be applied to bloggers, creators and small businesses.


Now these are the best thing about FaceBook and this is what drives the most traffic to my blog. There are so many different Facebook groups out there and they help you in all different ways : some are way stricter than other ones but all have benefits. Join as many of these as you can because you'll find new readers, new blogs to read and be able to network a lot with all different types of bloggers.


This is another thing that most bloggers do and it's one of the amazing features of Facebook itself. As well as your profile that you have, you should make a Facebook page so your readers can like it and see all of your new posts without having to add them to your personal profile. Facebook pages have been a great help to a number of blogs : like my own!


This way all of your readers will be able to see what your getting up to and what's new. The most popular ones to connect are : Bloglovin', Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest but I'm sure you can add a lot more but as I said these are the main accounts.


The more active you are, the more people are going to come back and check up on you etc. You need to engage with your readers and audience or else they'll think that you actually don't care. You can be active by sharing posts, videos, asking questions and much more.


When you are uploading posts onto your page use hashtags! People search hashtags on Facebook now which is pretty amazing : as plenty of people think that there only for Twitter. Most used hashtags would be #bbloggers (beauty bloggers), #lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers), #tbloggers (travel bloggers).


If you want to increase your likes and the audience of your facebook page, you can now place a Facebook ad which can be a big help. You can go as low as 1euro a day and as high as you want too : the more you pay, the bigger audience you'll reach,


This is something that I wouldn't randomly do, most bloggers won't do it. Don't add people's personal profiles unless you talk to the people a lot as most people want to keep their life away from the blogging community which is fair enough.

These are just my Top Tips For Facebook that I have picked up over the past year or so of blogging. I hope these have helped you a good bit!

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  1. The thing is, they change their algorithms every few months, so it makes it hard. If you stay on top of it, though, you can get some nice traffic from FB.

  2. but just like with everything else - too many groups is not a good thing....

  3. Being active is the key after you join groups and what not. Facebook is definitely helpful in more ways then one when it comes to promoting your blog or business, etc.

  4. I guess I didn't realize people search FB by hashtags. Is that true?
    Carol Cassara

    1. Yep! Facebook has added a hashtag feature and it's pretty good :)

  5. I haven't done Facebook ads, but I haven't ruled them out completely. I'm still thinking about that.

  6. Wonderful tips but I don't think that people search through hashtags in Facebook! Although it works in twitter!!

    1. Facebook have brought in hashtags recently and they've been doing pretty well :)