Sunday, 6 December 2015

My Top Apps 📱

Hey lovelies! This post has been a post that I've wanting to be doing for so long now! As most of you know I love my technogly and I use it a lot. This post is all about My Top Apps that I use nearly daily! 



I use this app to write all of my blog posts as its amazing to have on the go and when an idea springs to your head! The only thing about this app : it can have mood swings and it's not up to the standard of Wordpress but hopefully it will soon.


I use this app to schedule all of my tweets on Twitter account. I schedule a set of tweets for each morning and night. I've found this app is the better app for the phone!


These are the apps that I use for all my blog photography and general photos! It's the better app that I've found out of all of the apps on the Apple Store. I'm not sure if you can get them both on Android.



This is the app that I use the most to edit all of my YouTube videos on when I cannot use a laptop or computer! It's the best editing app for the iPhone as its made by Apple! 



This is the app that I use the most on on my phone and it's just the general iPhone app! Twitter has really upped its game recently with the app and I'm loving it. The app never crashes and always does what I need it too compared to a lot of the other apps. 
It would be great if Twitter brought in editing tweets and a scheduler on its on app as it would save a lot of time. 


This is the second app that I use the most on my phone and it's the best for sharing pictures. Instagrams app lets you edit the pictures before you upload them and even direct message people : on the computer you can't do any of it. 


This is my wonder app! I use this app to keep track of my unfollowers on my Twotter and Instagram & it's one of the best apps going. I'm currently using the free version but I do want to buy it as it saves a lot of time : I have over 17,000 followers on Twitter so this is a big help. 



This is the first place I look for flights when travelling! They give you the cheapest flights first : you'll always find a good deal on the app! I'm not sure but I don't think there's any extra fees other than baggage and all that stuff! 


Booking . com has saved my life a few times when I've needed to book hotel rooms. They give you a choice of looking at the cheapest rooms and most of them you don't need to pay till you get there : which is amazing! I've used this app for hotels in Dublin and London. 


This is the app that I look at reviews of hotels, places and restaurants before I book them or even think about going to visit. Most of the reviews are 100% true but you do see the oddest reviews every now and again. 



I use this app mostly to keep in contact with people that aren't in Ireland and even family members! You do get 12 months free with it but I don't think after the 12 months : I won't be paying for it. 


I'm no good at directions and this app has saved my life a lot of times when I take a wrong turn or even in Dublin City! It's way much better than the Maps app that Apple has given me! 

Let me know in the comments : what's your favourite app?! 

ThatSoBekaah ox 

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