Saturday, 12 December 2015

A Look Back At 2015 || #Blogmas Day 12

Hey lovelies! Since 2015 is just over, I thought this post was a good idea. 2015 has been a great and eventful year to say the least as some of you may know. This post is A Look Back At 2015 in a Blog, YouTube and Personal Way.


I honestly cannot believe that I've just been blogging a year and it's been an amazing year without a doubt. This year has been amazing year for a few of my blogs! I've been nominated for three blog awards in Ireland : Best Beauty Blog in the Beauty Blog Awards Ireland & Best Beauty/Lifestyle Blog in the Blog Ireland Awards - I didn't win anything but I was honoured to even be nominated for these awards.
I've also worked with some amazing brands in 2015 including : Real Techniques. Party Lite UK, Forever Living, IsaDora, Slendertoxea and much more. I've been so grateful for all the opportunities I was given in the past year.
*as of 3rd of December*
Blog Views : 14,300+ 
Published Comments : 675+
Highest Monthly Page Views : 10,500+
Most Viewed Country : United States, United Kingdom and Ireland

YOUTUBE (Channel Deleted)

It has been an amazing year for my YouTube Channel if I do say so myself. As I write this I had 540+ subscribers which is crazy : I've only been uploading on and off for the past year so I'm amazed that I've got that amount. 
I also have partnered up with AwesomenessTV this year which is also crazy : they are amazing and I'm proud of being with them. I've also reached 10,000+ views on my blog. 
* as of 3rd of December*
YouTube Subscribers : 547
YouTube Views : 10,906+
Most Viewed Countries : United Kingdom, Ireland and United States


So this year has had mostly bad times but there have been some amazing times too. I spoke out about my Asperger's for the first time in public which was a big step for me as I was always afraid of speaking out about it. 
My health for 2015 hasn't been the best which people may know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I was in and out of hospital from February to June with pains, aches, operations and much more. I finally got diagnosed with Tension Migraines which was a big relief.

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  1. Congratulations :) It looks like you've had a really successful year x

  2. Congrats lovely! This year will be even bigger and better for you!

    Amy x

  3. Congrats on the blogging wins! So sorry to hear about your health! I hope 2016 is a better year for that. I used to work with some very talented and amazing youth with Asperger's. I know it must be hard to talk about, but I'll bet you are really helping someone else feel accepted and more comfortable too!