Monday, 9 November 2015

Netflix Recommendations!

Hey lovelies! I've only recently started using Netflix again and there's some amazing new series and movies on it. I'm doing this post on the Netflix Recommendations which are my own and I wasn't asked to do this post, I've done it off my own back. 

Just if you don't know what Netflix is - Netflix is an subscription service where you can pay 10euro per month to watch movies and series online. You can watch it on your televison, iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, Tablet and computer.

The Originals - If you read my blog a lot, you know that I'm obsessed with this program. The Originals is a spin off show from The Vampire Diaries and it's way better! We're only on the third season and it's still going strong. It's full of action and violence in the form of vampires, witches and werewolves.

Prison Break - This series is years and years old but it's an amazing series. If you haven't watched this, you need to. There is a lot of seasons and it does slow down in the middle a bit but honestly it's a series that I can watch the whole time. It's about a brother who goes to jail to save his other brother from death row and then the escape. 

Blackfish - This is a documentary on SeaWorld's past. This is something that everyone should watch no matter what. It's such an informative documentary and it's all mostly past SeaWorld Trainers. After watching this, if you support SeaWorld you won't. Most of this is about the Orca Tilikum.

Love, Rosie - This is one of my favourite movies that is currently on Netflix. This is the movie that was released October 2014 and is based on the Cecelia Ahern book! This is about a guy and a girl who have been best friends for years and they're journey of getting together. Lily Collins is the main actress in this and she's amazing.

Ground Zero Super Tower - I'm pretty big into documentary's and this one is amazing. This shows you the building of the new World Trade Centre Tower, The 9/11 Museum and much more. It shows you all the safety structures they've used in this tower compared to the other two.

Once Upon A Time - To be honest I've only started watching this the other week and now I'm on season 4! It's so amazing : if you like twisted fairy tales. This is a much watch if you love Disney movies and all the rest of the fairy tales. 

Scream - I know Halloween is over but Scream is an Netflix Original Series which is based on the old Scream but it's in current times. I finished this season in 2 days and it's pretty good. It's not scary nor jumpy but there's a good storyline which is based on current times with cyberbullying and much more.

Pretty Little Liars - I know that this program is most likely going to be on most peoples Netflix Recommendations but I honestly love this program. I only started watching this, this year and I'm hooked. If you want suspense and some sort of action, this is for you. The next part of the season starts in January so you have time to catch up. 

Lost - This is such an old series but is so worth it : this is full of suspense and jumpy bits. This series is a little bit long but it's totally worth watching it! 

Let me know in the comments below if you've watched any of these or your recommendations.

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  1. My huz and I watched Prison Break after it ended. I loved it! Lost is amazing but I will never understand it. Lol.

  2. LOVE so many of these shows!!

    xx. Brittany | Southern Soul

  3. I really need to watch Once Upon A Time, my sister loves it and this just reminded me to put it on my watch list. I am so obsessed with Netflix x