Thursday, 5 November 2015


Hey lovelies! I thought that I would share my next adventure with you on this blog as it all seems to be going pretty well so far! This post is going to be all about YouTubersxBloggers which is obviously for Bloggers & YouTubers - of all kinds.

So this event and trip sort of thing isn't going to be like any other going around or anything like I've done before. These trip's will be happening 3 times a year for the bigger ones but there will be smaller ones all year round - of all different kinds, for all different people.

One of the trips that will be happening every year is the DisneyLand Paris trip which will either be at the start or the end of the year. The other two bigger trips will be different every year or if people liked a certain place, we may go back.

These trips will be booked by everyone themselves or in pairs as some people may share a room etc. Everyone will decide on a hotel and then book everything else when their ready and at their own pace! The hotel will obviously be classy but we won't be going high budget on everything.

Every trip will have between 10 - 12 people minimum but some trips may have a smaller amount due to demand etc. If you want to find more about the trips you can JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP or email me at with your queries. 

Let me know in the comments below what you think and if you'll be interested!

ThatSoBekaah ox 

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