Tuesday, 3 November 2015

PAWS Animal Rescue

Hey lovelies! This is a kind of different post today as I really want to address a subject that is pretty close to my heart and I'm sure it's pretty close to everyone else's heart too. This post is going to be all about PAWS Animal Rescue which is a charity in Tipperary, Ireland. This charity does some amazing work for dogs and animals alike.

PAWS was founded in 1997 by Deirdre and Gina Hetherington in Sallins, County Kildare, Ireland. The original goal was to rehome unwanted pets from their current homes and take in dogs from the Kildare Pound to save them from being put down. At the time there was 35,000 dogs a year being put down with Kildare being in the top ten of the counties. 

By 2000, PAWS took in every dog that was available from South Dublin Dog Pound in Saggart and Greyhounds from Ashton Pound in North Dublin. By 2006 PAWS moved the kennels to Mullinahone in Tipperary, Ireland but the office is still based in Sallins, Kildare.

Adopting a Dog - PAWS has a lot of dogs that are currently up to be rehomed but there are rules when rehoming. All of the dogs that are being rehomed are indoor dogs, the garden that you have must be fully enclosed with a wall or secure fencing { no electric fences are allowed }, you can only rehome a dog if you have children that are over seven years old and the last thing is that a home check needs to be carried out. The minimum donation for most adoptions are 120Euro.

Available Dogs For Adoption

Robbie - Robbie is a Lucher Male Puppy who is currently 14 weeks old. He is currently in foster care until he gets all of his vaccinations. He is good with other dogs and people. He loves to play in the garden and with the other puppy's. Robbie doesn't like being on his own too much, so he needs another dog or someone that works from home. He also hates the cold.

Molly - Molly is a Rottie Female that is 2 plus years old. She is super sweet and is very good with other dogs but prefers males. Molly is a gentle dog and is never boisterous with anyone. She loves to play with other dogs and loves to run in fields.
I met Molly on the weekend and she is so sweet and really pretty. She deserves her forever home.

Teddy - Teddy is a Staffie Male. This guy is fun with lots of energy. He is good with everyone but is strong on the lead. Teddy will need someone that has experience with lead training as he can get too excited when he see's the leed. He is good with other dogs and will suit an adult home. 

Spec - Spec is a Terrier Male that is 2 plus years old. He loves cuddles and going for walks. He is a very clean boy. Spec doesn't get on with other dogs so he'll have to go to a home where he is the only dog. 

These are only a few dogs that PAWS have up for adoption but there are a lot more on the website - if you want to check it out. In reality none of these dogs deserve to be without a home but as you can see it does happen. The rules and regulations with dogs and dog breeding needs to change as there are too many strays and dogs that aren't wanted. 

If you want to help PAWS you can DONATE HERE. They are always looking for volunteers too so you can check out the website.

DISCLAIMER - This blog post was done off my own back. PAWS has not asked me to do this.

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