Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Favourite Apps

Hey lovelies! I haven't done an App Post in ages and now since my iPhone has now turned into my computer for my blog and YouTube, I thought this post would be good for other people that do the same as myself. I hope this post is helpful for some of you, at least. Most of these are on the iOS program so they might be available on Android and Windows.



This is one my favourites as I can " vlog " my day for my readers and viewers if I really wanted too. It's also a great way to connect with family, friends and everyone else with,


I use Facebook for personal and business use. I use this FaceBook app for my personal page and my like page!


 This app is one of my top favourite apps as I'm addicted to twitter. This is one of the apps I use all the time and it's the best app for twitter as it's the official one.


use this as a diary and to upload pictures so it's like a photo diary!



This is the app I use to create all of blog posts and upload them. I use the Blogger on Safari to schedule posts as you cannot do it on the app.


I use this to schedule all of my blog posts tweets on my twitter and use it a bit for Facebook like page and my personal page.


This is an easier way to see your GA reports and to check it daily.


 I use this to plan all of my blog posts and my videos.



I use YouTube to upload all of recent videos to YouTube and also to watch all my subscriptions videos.


I've found this is the best app to edit a video on the iPhone and it's amazing - it's also free.


This is my networks " AwesomenessTv " app so we can get in touch with people that want to collab. It's like Tinder but for YouTube.


This is the app that I use for live streaming if I'm doing something interesting or if I'm bored. It's a great way to connect with everyone.



This is a collage app which is owned by Instagram so I use this for collages on Instagram since they fit into the square.


This is the first collage app that I've ever got and it's amazing. It's great to do just personal collages on.


This is the app where I edit all of my blog pictures on and I'll be using it to edit all of my YouTube thumbnails in the newer videos.

These are my main favourite apps! Let me know in the comments below - what are your favourite apps?!

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  1. You're so lucky that you have blogger on iOS, it doesn't have any app for android, which is weird because it's operated by google as well. Lol. As for the pictures, try photo grid and camly! Those are definitely useful for bloggers! Awesome list!

    1. Blogger is also on android.. I have the app on my galaxy s5!

  2. Lovely post. You got a load of apps here, I like some and haven't tried some either....

  3. i don't know what i would do without the Facebook app on my Ipod! :D

  4. I use a mix of phone/computer for blogging and those Apps are indispensable. Especially the pages manager!

  5. Instagram is my favourite at the moment! I am obsessed!

  6. These are a great apps. There are a few I need to start using.

  7. I have most of these! Currently addicted to snapchat, hehe. Never heard Aviary though, I will have to check that out as it sounds right up my street. Afterlight is a good photo editing app that I like a lot. xx

  8. I remember the days when I used to blog on my phone or ipad it was hard but it was the only way. I use 90% of these apps so pleased to see them on your list

  9. Great list of apps and some I've not come across before which I am going to investigate as I use my phone loads too. Although I try to use a laptop for posts. Thank you x

  10. I use the wordpress app and I love it for replying to comments. I don't blog from it though as it's too difficult to include images correctly. Of course I also love Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, what blogger doesn't?!

  11. This is a great list. I am using most of these apps, too. I haven't jumped in the Periscope bandwagon, yet, but I think it's pretty cool.

  12. I use many of the same apps. I love google calendar!

  13. These are a great apps and among all Instagram is my favorite at the moment!!

  14. I use most of these apps. I love Google Calendar as I can sync it with my partner and it is useful

  15. My favorite apps list is bit huge, but I think Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram has become an integral part of our Social Media life these days. IMovie looks interesting as you have the control to edit the movie right from your mobile, will check it out.

  16. I use many of these, but there a couple that I need to check out. I think Buffer could be very useful.

  17. Lots I haven't tried, great apps.

  18. Great choice of apps! I use many of the same social media ones, blogger and layout. For my stats I use the actual google analytics app. My recently favorite app is called Studio which allows you to add layers to a photo to include themed shapes and text of different opacities. It works best with instagram because the only option is to make the picture a square (instead if rectangle).