Friday, 6 November 2015

John Lewis Christmas Ad!

Hey lovelies! The Christmas Season is finally here and the most wanted TV Ad has been revealed today to the whole work and that is the John Lewis Christmas Ad - which is one of the best ads every year! 

The theme for this John Lewis Christmas Ad is Old People and Loneliness at Christmas which is such a big factor in recent times as people always seem to forget about the older generation - I think that it's such a good factor to do a Christmas Ad on because it reminds people to remember about the older generation and much more.

There has been a lot of people that said that it's there to pull at everyone's heart strings and that it's to make you buy stuff from the website and shop - which it's a marketing plot obviously but it also makes people realise that you need to remember about the older generation and do get them stuff whether it's from John Lewis or another shop.

John Lewis always brings out ad's that do pull at our heart strings but I don't think this ad is as good as last years. You can watch it #ManOnTheMoon 

Let me know the comments - what do you think of this ad?!

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