Monday, 2 November 2015

101 In 1001 Days!

Hey lovelies! This post is similar to My Bucket List but this is 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days! It's quite similar to the bucket list but it's over a time frame! I got this idea from The Crown Wings as it's such a good idea!

Start Date - 2nd of November 2015
End Date - 30th of July 2018

UPDATED - 19th December 2015

1) Reach 20,000 followers on Twitter.
2) Go travelling for a month.
3) Learn how to code (html)
4) Move to the States
5) Attend #AsDarknessFalls Party at Halloween
6) Visit Disneyland Paris again
7) Go without Social Media for 4 days
8) Go on a YouTuber or Blogger Holiday
9) Reach 50,000 views on one of my blogs
10) Buy a Michael Kors bag
11) Get a job to do with Social Media or Marketing
12) Spend New Year's Eve in New York City
13) Complete the Women's Mini Marathon
14) Rescue an animal from a rescue shelter  1st of November 2015 - Juno (Labrador Retriever)
15) Save 1,000Euro
16) Try yoga
17) Go watch an Ireland Rugby Game
18) Be in the audience of a TV Show 
19) Release an E-Book
20) Buy a MacBook
21) Donate money to a charity or homeless person  Gave a donation to a homeless man in Dublin
22) Send somebody a package for no reason
23) Learn how to change a tyre
24) Visit a landmark that I've never seen before
25) Visit Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam
26) Loose 3 stone 19th of December : Lost 6kgs
27) Bake a rainbow layer cake
28) Sew something by hand
29) Make a mix CD for somebody
30) Buy a homeless person a drink or food
31) Go on a spending ban for a month 
32) Take an unplanned trip
33) See the Northern Lights
34) Visit a haunted place at night
35) Get a massage 
36) Take a kickboxing class
37) Go Zip Lining
38) Visit Molly in Manchester
39) Take A Dog Agility Class
40) Swim with Dolphins
41) Go Down a Waterslide
42) Go To a Christmas Market
43) Read 3 Books
44) Enter a Writing Contest
45) Volunteer at an Animal Charity
46) Buy a Star 
47) Cook Dinner For The Family
48) Speak In Front Of An Audience
49) Ride An Elephant
50) Ride a Roller Coaster
51) Visit The Titanic Museum in Belfast
52) Go on a Roadtrip 
53) Eat Vegetarian Once A Week For A Month
54) Learn How To Wear and Walk In Heals
55) Visit Disneyland California
56) Visit The 9/11 Museum
57) Eat In A Gordon Ramsey Restaurant
58) Meet A Celebrity
59) Go To The EMA's
60) Go On A Blind Date
61) Hold A Blogger Event
62) Milk A Cow
63) Feed A Lamb
64) Learn To Juggle
65) Pet A Lion Cub
66) Try a Zumba Class
67) Go Snowboarding
68) Comment on 50 Blogs (50/50)  Completed in November 2015
69) Watch The Sunrise and Sunset In The Sam Day
70) Jump Off a Cliff
71) Go Swimming Once a Week
72) Get a DSLR Camera (Canon 700D)
73) Follow 20 Random Blogs (20/20)  Completed in November 2015 
74) Make My Own Merchandise
75) Fly a Kite
76) Make My Own Jam
77) See a Volcano
78) Do a Yearly Scrapbook
79) Sell Stuff on Ebay
80) Get An Article Published 
81) Win an Award for Blogging or YouTube
82) Go To Bed at 10pm Every Night Without My Phone For A Week
83) Donate My Blood
84) Donate My Hair For A Wig
85) Collaborate With 5 YouTubers or Bloggers
86) Get Business Cards
87) Try And Master Handstanding
88) Learn How To Play Poker
89) Send Out Christmas Cards  Completed December 2015
90) Learn a New Language
91) Plan a Picnic In The Park
92) Visit a Reptile Farm
93) Learn How To Drive
94) Walk 6km Each Day For A Month
95) Find Out My Blood Type
96) Send Someone Flowers Randomly
97) Go On A Safari
98) Go Camping
99) Attend a Polo Match
100) Go Berry Picking
101) Celebrate When This List Is Finshed

This post will be updated when I have each thing finished so don't forget to check back for updates and much more.

ThatSoBekaah ox

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