Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Life Updates 💁🏼

Hey lovelies! I'm back with another Life Updates post for you all because there's so much going on from now and future on down the line! I really want to keep you all up to date with what's going on and what's happening without bragging and showing off. 

Blogging // As you all know I have this blog and TheCliquesBlog so I'll be working on both of them but this blog will be my main blog because I can do more on this blog. I will be uploading on here two to four times a week depending on what's going on and how busy I am. 

YouTube // My ThatSoBekaah YouTube is now finally back up and running! I will be uploading on there one to two times a week depending on video ideas and how far ahead of myself I am. I am also now a member of Cloud7 on YouTube so I'll be uploading there every Sunday! 
With my YouTube since its signed to AwesomenessTV I need to prove to them how serious I am about this and what's going on because it's something that I really want and won't give up till I get it. 

The Biggest Decision // Over the past few months, I've made The Biggest Decision of my life. I am hoping to move to the States { Los Angeles, California } by 2018 with a number of girls - so this will be a big change in my life and it's exciting but scary at the same time. 
I will be keeping you updated on everything over the next few months on the positives and the struggles. 

Health // After being in pain since March, we've finally found out why I was in agony after my operation. I have a build up of pretty bad scar tissue so I'll be in pain for the rest of my life but with exercise it should go down and not be sore as it was. 

Course // I've finally started my course in Digital Marketing and I am honestly loving it so far even though it's only one night a week. It's on Tuesday nights and I feel like it's going to help me in future with my blog and YouTube. It's only a 1O week course but it gives me a foundation degree for marketing! 

Twitter // I've finally reached 1O,OOO followers on Twitter after only having it nearly 5 months { my personal } and that's just crazy! I will be doing a competition on my Twitter for it so you can follow me at @B3kaahrose to keep up to date with everything. 

So these are all my life updates for the moment - life is all go and it's crazy! Can't wait to see what the future holds. 

ThatSoBekaah ox 

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