Friday, 30 October 2015

My Winter Essentials 🙂

Hey beauts! Since it's finally winter, I am bringing you this post which is all of My Winter Essentials! Winter has to be my favourite season as I'm a cold creature and it just feels like all the other seasons in Ireland! 

Hoodies and Jumpers - Even though i wear these all year round, they are an essential for Winter whether it's wearing outside or to bed. You always need to be warm. 

Onesies - I also wear these all year round but during Winter these are perfect for bed time or just cold days! They need to be soft and snugly tho! 

Costa Hot Chocolate - This is my go to Hot Chocolate but it has to be Costa's as I don't really like anything else. It has to be with marshmallows and cream. 

Lip Balm - This is one of my beauty essentials. I use lip balm so my lips don't crack with the cold and the wind. These keep my lips hydrated! 

Ugg Boots - I always buy Ugg Boots from Primark when they first come out as these are the boots that I can wear the whole time during Winter as they are comfortable and go with nearly everything without a doubt. 

Spice Candles - Now these are massive during the Winter months and especially for Christmas! I love the apple spice and cinnamon spice candles from Glade! 

Bed Throw - I only got a bed throw this year for my birthday of my Nanny and I can see this being a big Winter Essential for the whole time. It's great for cold mornings or evenings if you just want to snuggle up in bed and get warm really quick! 

Hats and Scarfs - Ever since I was young I loved Hats and Scarfs & I still do! I will buy some nearly every time I go into Primark or any other cheapest store! 

Fluffy Socks - Now if you read my blog, you would know that I love Fluffy Socks but during Winter, I can wear 2 pairs at once! They are amazing and just the best when you come in and have frozen feet! 

Let me know your winter essentials in the comments below! 

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